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Church Asset Management

The Easiest Way to Manage Your Church Assets and Equipment!


Use location management to quickly locate assets


Scheduled maintenance prevents costly replacements


Mobile apps give real-time data, in and out of church!


Easily track, assign, and audit IT and AV assets, and even furniture - on the cloud

End to End Inventory Management for Churches

That fits into your workflows, not the other way around.

Calendar Management

Use availability calendars to quickly check for item availability, or to see which events need additional equipment.

Scheduled Maintenance

Service tickets and recurring alerts help you plan maintenance on assets well in advance, ensuring assets work as intended.

Checkouts & Reservations

Keep an eye on church asset checkouts and avoid confusion by planning out assets reservations beforehand.

Asset Lifecycle Management

Manage assets from procurement to retirement by tracking POs, wannual trends, depreciation, and lifetime costs.

History Tracking

Track general trends in costs and usage to improve reports to donors and bolster accountability and transparency.

User Visibility

Limit visibility of certain items based on item groups and locations to manage access more effectively.

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Case Study: Gateway Church

Number of Church Assets


Number of Locations


Number of Monthly Asset Transactions


Gateway Church uses EZOfficeInventory Customizations to Streamline Church Asset Management

Gateway Church hosts services across 6 campuses in the Dallas/Fort Worth region. This involves hosting multiple events, conferences, and musicals every year. With around 39,000 active members, the church has to organize the movement and assignment of thousands of items - including laptops, monitors, furniture and décor.

They use EZOfficeInventory's in-depth customizations to capture meaningful asset data in a way that complements the day to day running of their church. It has helped them lower asset management costs, free up time for asset custodians, and reduce inefficiencies across the board, so they can focus on more important tasks. Read full case study.

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